Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mykonos trip on June 2012

1. One of the symbols of Mykonos is the windmills.  Yes, it is very windy

2. The medieval streets are narrow and like a labyrinth. They were then built his way for protection from intruders and pirots

3. This is our hotel, Portabello Butique Hotel, which has a gorgeous view

4. This is Elia beach, which has 3 sections: 1. Totally gay section on the right, the semi-gay section in the middle, and the slightly more straight section on the left. Totally summarizes the population of Mykonos.

5. Walking around: cats everywhere! Yay!

6. Mykonos is crazy and very liberal and shops have some interesting merchandise. Penises everywhere! 

7. Fishers and seagulls expecting their share. Finally I took a decent seagull photo!

8. The port

9. The view from our hotel after sunset

10. Last but not least, coctails and various forms of alcohol such as wine, ouzo and masika to be consumed anywhere anytime.